Sunday, May 17, 2009

Satisfied? I am....

Sweeter than Candy has a few goodies in store for all today.. One is the weekly group gift called Breezy and I think its adorable... and its totally FREEEEEEEE..

And then ther is this super sexy outfit on the MM board.......


At the time of this posting , here at Wildebeast , this uber sexy , so sassy , cute little black latex goodie called Tempted was FREEEEEEEEEE, and I snagged it right up.. Hop e you get a chance to do teh same....

as well as this one too , Absolutely free, and also from Wildebeast.. I really like this cute littel black t w/ the logo on the front.. Very HOTTTTTTTTTTTT


Keep it walking around the dock and you cant miss this sexy little white beauty , also FREEEE and from Wildebeast,., Woot.. I love this place....


And we can not forget about our wonderful Men out ther.. woot.. Yep, there is even a sexy Freebie just for you here at Wildebeast.. Just take the lm , and it will land you right in front of this goodie...


And we must not forget about the woderful Dollarbies either.... These are HOTTTT

8 dollarbies........ woot


After you are finished here at Wildebeast tp on over to the Monkey mall, and grab this wonderful 3L outfit. From Rose.. A touch ...for woman....very cute, its a Promo so grab it while its only 3L....

Lots of other goodies and dollarbies to be had ther as well, so take your time and have a look around


Rock Me Amadeus also has a wonderful Dollarbie in store for Everyone this week......called Sex Kitten... And it's HOTTTTTTTTTTT.. I luv lingerie, and this one is sexy for sure..


This week at flashpoint Fashions.....---------------------------This weeks bargain is Saucy Seduction. This outfit for retired about a month or so back, but I've been asked by a few to bring it back out. You can pick this outfit up in 6 colors for only 10L's. Come get it this week before it goes back into storage :).
And the very HOT and super sexy MM Board goodie called Lollipop Squad...

Crissy's Designs has some wonderful goodies as well.. Are you getting Satisfied with some wonderful goodies YEt? I am.. heheheheh Check out this amazing french maid outfit on this take of the Mm Board, called Midnight Hunting Board.. Woot.. Too bad it was already full when I got ther.. ill try tomorrow to grab this goodie..

And Finally before I call it a night.. I wanted to show u all this very creative Black Widow outfit from Panda Eyes. Woot.. This is one whicked outfit.. FREEEEEEEEE..

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