Monday, May 18, 2009

More Midnight Mania MaDnEsS

oohhhhhhhh ok.. Today we are going to be jumping from place to place looking for the coolest Mm Boards around.. So hang on to your hats ladies and gents , and lets go MaDDDDD...........OUr first stop is at the Owlhouse, for this awsome Purple goodie......... All MM Boards are FREEEEEEe you just have to hope and pray that if you want the item, you ca get all the alloted amount of peoples up on the board to win the goodie as well..... So good luck, its always touch and go.. heheheheh


Now here is a place that has Mm Boards for both guys and girls alike... Got some bad asssss shoes for the guys.. Hope u like at Brimstone Creations, at Daytona Beach.. Woot.....make sure that you check both the upper and lower floor s cause there are 2 Mm Boards per floor.. Yesss A total of 4 MM Boards for you . FREEEEEEE.. Just slap the board and get your name up on it.....


Midnight Mania is also at Kitten Caboodle/ Slave Delights.. Just check out the dungeon and you will find it..... I like this sexy prize...


Here at 333 Designs there are 2 Mm Boards waiting for U... one unisex and one for the ladies, I hope you like Tattoos?. heheheheh This place rocks.....

If you head over to Arachne Silks , you can snag this set of silks for FREEEEEEEEE Just make sure you get your name up on the Mm Board.. Woot.......

Tp on over to Cyanide and slap that baord for this delictable lip piercing, fun and whimsical to say the least.. Cherry anyone ?

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