Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Arctic Design

Woot.. Hey all .. i have some wonderful Freebies for you tonight .. and a dollarbie.. Woot.. While doing the Gridwide Discovery Hunt.. I have come across some very unique places, and some really good freebies and such that I think are worth mentioning.. Well I came across thisa wonderful litle place called Artic Design, with some freebies that I thought U need to see.

the first being the Grid Wide Discovery Hunt prize, which is this Sherlock Holmes dress.. Also boxed with the men's outfit too.. (not shown)..

Then we have this FREEEEEE men's outfit.....

And then we have this really cool box of socks/ leggings for the ladies, aslo for FREEEEE colors are red, purple, pink and blue, they are lace stockings and again they r FREEEEE( only one color shown

And the Dollarbie is this sexy little bathing suit ensemb..... Soo worth snaggin and wearing.... I got it... See Im wearing it.. hehehehehehehhe.. 1L..


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