Saturday, July 24, 2010

Working at the Car Wash..

Hey hey hey.. Hope everyone is doing grrrrrrrrreat this early morn... The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and only a few scattered clouds are in the sky.. The temps are soaring, and what betyter way to enjoy the day then to take a tour of this wonderful 2 Sim , 2nd annual Car Wash.. Sale began July 21st, and will continue on till Aug, 16th..... Where NOTHING, outside is over 10L? So what are you all waiting for? We have vendors from Hasi's, Psyberia, Butterfly Effects, Dressing Aphrodite, Rezlpsa Loc, Estitica , Bliensen, Aqua, RBZ, and soooooo many more.. A must come and see experience, where you can find, clothes , skins, art, jewlery, gestures, and just about anything you want.. NOTHING over 10L..... Hope you all enjoy..


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